Vert Shock Review 2021 | Training Basketball Dunking Course

How Does Vert Shock Work?



Vert Shock Review:

"Dunking refers to jumping over your opponent's head in the game and scoring the basket. Vert shock is a guide that will teach you those lateral high jumps."

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Vertical jumping is the most important thing in the world of basketball. Using this knowledge and information, you will be able to shoot, catch, and block smoothly and with less effort. As an athlete and sports lover, you must be strong and faster than your opponent to gain a competitive advantage. Whether you play soccer, basketball, or volleyball, jumping is the key to winning in these games. 

Vert shock is the guide that can give you that competitive advantage and can teach you how to achieve those high lateral jumps.

What is vert shock?

Vert Shock has 3 main parts, all of which are aimed at teaching you how to do those higher jumps. Vertical jumps are not a force that muscles work on their own, your muscles need that shock that allows you to do a higher jump and therefore the name vert shock is here to help you with that.


Working of Vert Shock:

Slow-twitch and Fast-twitch muscle fibers:

This Vert shock guide will train your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers to work at their best potential. Every athlete that performs is based on their body structures. Everyone knows that the expansion and contraction of these muscle fibers produce movement in our body and are also responsible for the highest jumps.
When we move, our bodies determine which muscle fibers to use based on the type of force exerted on them. If your body feels that movement requires instant energy and a lot of movement, it uses fast-twitch muscle fibers and 'vertical shock' helps you to effectively activate those fast-twitch fibers.

Effective training of  fast-twitch muscle fibers:

Practicing your jump or doing strength training alone will not train your fast-twitch muscle fibers. You must exercise in a certain way, which will ensure that enough force is exerted on your muscles so that your body has no choice but to use the fast-twitch fibers instead of slow-twitch fibers.

Vert Shock has a part known as the "shock phase" in which you will get all the detailed information about the exercises to perform to achieve those lateral high jumps. These fast-twitch muscles are a very important part of your success and studies have also shown that these muscle fibers have seen a positive impact on sports.

In a 2004 Olympic weightlifting competition, muscle development in weightlifters has more fast-twitch muscles than a bodybuilder due to their different training routines.

2006 sports medicine study also shows that people who do a heavy training routine process more fast-twitch muscle fibers than those who don't.

This concludes that heavy training routines make those fast-twitch muscle fibers work and aid you in your performance.