5 Things You Can Do to Increase Vertical Jump by 10 Inches


Decreasing body fat percentage, strengthening of lower body especially Glutes, doing Olympic lifts, and a proper posture will definitely increase your vertical jump by 10 to 11 inches.


5 things to start jumping higher:



1) Learning From Pros:

Christiano Ronaldo high jump secrets:


Christiano Ronaldo's legendary jump was being studied scientifically how he has managed to jump so high and the secret is being in his physique.


First Try:

In the experiment conducted, first, try was given to his legs and how much power it can generate without using hands. The jump he was about to reach was 44cm or 17 inches high.


2nd try :

On the 2nd try, he is allowed to have a posture like he is playing in the field. He jumps to about 78 cm 30 inches by using his body strength and posture.


That’s a 13-inch increase to a vertical jump and this is how you can achieve the same.


Our human body weight is dynamic and not dead weight you can change the momentum up in the air just like Ronaldo, enabling you to jump high and adding those 10 to 11 inches.


So by changing your posture while you are in the air will definitely help to give inches to your verticals.


See the video here How Christiano Ronaldo was able to jump so high?



Michael Jordon jumping posture:


We can observe in the Michael Jordon video how his body movement change in mid-air can cause him to jump higher and how you can achieve the same to increase 10 inches to a vertical jump.

Gaining up momentum and adding inches to a jump:

When MJ jumps his back hip muscles cause an explosion upward and then in mid-air keep his legs back to gain momentum adding inches to a vertical leap. 


Center of the body:

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your body centered and maintain a centered body position instead of leaning forward for a jump this will help you to improve a vertical jump don’t’ ignore this high jump posture like most do. Practice it until you are able to make a centered posture jump.




Learn from a cat to achieve a high vertical jump:


Jumping higher should not be made any more complicated.


Anyone can achieve a higher jump just look at a cat, an average cat can make a vertical jump of about 6 feet which is 72 inches from its base quite impressive for such a small animal as compared to a 6 ft tall man.



One of the families of cat "Caracal " jumps way higher to catch its prey and they can do that because of small size, long back limbs, and strong back leg muscles. 


Lesson to learn:

One thing we can learn from cats is they coil their bodies like a spring before a jump and stretch their bodies mid-air to achieve a highest jump (Vertical Momentum). So, changing your body posture before and in mid-air can bring an impact on your jumping height making you increase vertical jump by inches.



2) Do Olympic weight lifting, not traditional power lifts:


Articles published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and British Journal of Sports Medicine indicate a positive effect of Olympic weight lifting (OW) on vertical jump height increase.


You should include "Olympic powerlifting" in your training routines rather than Traditional power lift training as OW provides greater output and velocity than traditional powerlifting training routines study by (Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2004, 18(1), 129–135 q)


The quick velocity output will enable you to increase your vertical jumps by 10 inches, 11 inches, or as much your body can gain from doing these training routines


Difference between powerlifting and Olympic weight training:

Powerlifting training includes those movements that have a high force and low speed while Olympic weight training comprises those movements that have a high force and high speed.



Some examples of OW will be Power clean, squat clean, and more. You can see these 6 Olympic lifting moves here 


OW and powerlifting training does provide equal strengths but due to high velocity in OW moves it improves your vertical jumping abilities hence helping you to achieve that 10-inch verticals.


3) Targeting correct muscles:


Which body part Muscles group to target and train for high jumps?


If you're looking to increase vertical jumps then understand which muscles are responsible most for jumps.


To look for muscle observation we peek into the study "Optimizing the Distribution of Leg Muscles for Vertical Jumping" and the group of muscle fibers responsible for a jump. 


Following are the individual muscles 


1) Soleus



4)Rectus femoris




Jump depends upon contraction and expansion of these muscle fibers The study findings results in higher jumps depending upon the muscles with a large cross-sectional area (CSA) and length which means the larger cross-section volume as well muscle length will produce positive results.


Ideal Muscle:

In this case, Gluteus as mentioned in the study is the ideal muscle to train if you want to achieve a higher jump because it has the most length and a cross-section area (CSA).


When CSA alone was optimized like increasing in size of muscle (Muscle hypertrophy) it brings an 11% increase which is 4.4cm from the baseline of 41.2cm mentioned here


Training Gluteus (CSA) will definitely be a benefit in achieving most height jump along with the angle and posture of a jump position is maintained.


How to increase Cross-section area (CSA) of a muscle?


As we look into the study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research  Higher load has a positive impact upon the strength as well as increasing CSA of a muscle bringing muscle hypertrophy.


Strengthen Gluteus muscles using a strength training program will increase your jumping ability.  

Top 3 glutes exercise that help you to gain strength in your glutes muscles



4) Low body fat count to achieve a high vertical jump:


According to newton's 2nd law F=ma  To increase acceleration you need to increase the force and reduce the mass. 


A low body fat athlete will jump higher than the one not as we look in a study published in The Malaysian journal of medical sciences because a greater velocity will be created, reducing mass (body fat) and increasing force (through strong lower body).


You should AIM for 6-12%20-27% body fat as a basketball player.

5) Motivation:


Highest jumper in NBA:


Motivating yourself will improve your human body potential and erasing those limiting beliefs that are creating hindrances in achieving a high jump. Sometimes you just need a push to reach your full potential.


Michal Jordon's 3rd highest jumper of 46 inches has a waistline of 36 inches and Zach LaVine has a waistline of 33 inches has a vertical jump of about 46 inches.


These players are some of the highest jumpers in NBA. Their secret is in their strong lower body low body fat as well as jumping posture.


Learn from this highest jumper and study their routines what training they are using, how well they maintain a posture, and how many hours spend to achieve this type of perfection.

By learning from videos and visualizing how you can achieve the same will definitely make you correct your body posture and do a high jump.

Motivating in becoming a high jumper:

All Points Covered:

 Ways to Increase your Vertical Jumps in basketball:

  1. Learning From Pros
  2. Do Olympic weight lifting, not traditional power lifts
  3. Targeting correct muscles
  4. Low body fat count to achieve a high vertical jump
  5. Motivation