8 Ways to Increase Arm Length & Wingspan for Basketball


Every athlete craves longer arms. In a basketball game, long arms make you a better shooter, dunker, dribbler, and defense. 

Increasing arm length is quite possible through stretching exercises specifically focusing on the wingspan. Stretching helps to improve height, as well as make lengthy arms.



The following ways are helpful in increasing Arm length for basketball  :

  1. Get a full range of motion to increase arm length
  2. Use your elbow for the full range of motion
  3. Improving posture will help improve arm length
  4. Physical therapy
  5. Improve shoulder width
  6. You can stretch your chest out like one arm to the right and one arm to left don't stretch just keep your arms open in the air Perpendicular
  7. Another exercise is to use pull-ups
  8. Do the exercise before sleep to promote growth hormones


Focus on the wingspan:

The wingspan is basically your arm's length from the tip of your fingers to the other hand tip when you perpendicularly lift your arms at a 180-degree angle. 


Your arms are attached to the shoulder blades muscles forming a wingspan and targeting these muscles, and stretching them will help increase Arm length by improving wingspan width.



There is a very simple exercise you can do without any weights or any equipment needed.


If you do this stretch daily for 3 sets, especially before sleep will increase your arm's length as your mobility and movement angles will increase drastically.



Put your arms elbow to the wall and your hands stretch towards the spine like you are touching your back spine The stretching will help the arm to move backward. Don't push too hard just a little gentle pressure is enough for the arm to get a good stretch.


You will get a temporary arm's length increase but if you do it daily for 3 sets and 10 mins each it will bring long-term results.


Go full range of motion:

Full range means you need to go all the way towards where there is pressure on the muscles and from where you can no longer contract or expand the arm fully.


Let me say while building muscles, a full range of motion might not be a good idea because you need to keep the tension on the muscles but when stretching full range of motion works best.


As you need to elongate the muscles and be able to increase the movement, the full range works great.


Add this movement technique during any type of stretching exercise. While you are shoulder stretching, chest, or arm-stretching full range is the most important thing you can add to your daily stretching technique.

Posture training:

Correct Posture training will make your arm's length increase. Posture and keeping your spine straight will improve your body structure and hence increase the arm's length.


How to determine correct posture:

Correct posture is to stand against a wall and keep your spine and chin up. To check whether your posture is good you're back should be straight against the wall so much that your hand can't find a gap to pass behind the back.

This is the best way to check and make corrections to the bad posture. Correct posture will improve body structure as well as increase the arms-length

Physical Therapy:


You can make use of physical Therapy and promote your stretching even further. A physical therapist is a good way to examine how much you can improve arm's length.


Physical Therapists are professionals and they can make suggestions on which type of exercise will be better suited for your body and will not injure your joints.


Using bad posture movements can harm the joints and damage muscles causing pain So, involving a physical therapist might do you good and will save money and time while improving arm's length according to your body requirements.

Work on the Shoulder Width:

Working on your shoulder width will help increase your arm's length. By working I mean doing a simple stretch that will work on the chest muscles as well as improving the shoulders.


Stretch 1:

The stretch is to stand straight with arms wide open like you standing in a perpendicular T-shape position. Your both arms should be at 90 degrees with the ground.


Don't stretch or push just keep the arms open like this and it will help to stretch the chest muscles more.


Keep this position up to 5 mins and 3 sets do it before sleep it will help to get a good stretch to chest muscles as well shoulders

Do pull-ups:


Pull-ups and stretching arms for a full range of motion help stretch the muscles to the fullest. It increases arm movements and hence is able to improve arm length.


Keep in mind your height and length of arms are proportional, meaning The taller you are the longer arms and legs be.


Doing exercise is beneficial if you do it at the right time and age like at a growth spurt phase results in increased height as well as arm length.

Exercise Before Sleep:

Doing exercise 2hr before sleep help increases the growth hormone level and will increase your height as well as arm length.


Research :

A study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine suggests intense running exercises increase IGF-1 concentrations which means an increased level of growth hormones.


Another study published in the Journal of Endocrinology suggests growth hormones are at their peak during the repair process in sleep from micro-tears on muscles done by intense exercise.


You can enhance the growth hormone level by exercise before 2 or 3 hr sleep So, can get the maximum benefits from the release of growth-promoting hormones and increase height as well as arm length.

Recapping All points:

  • Focus on the wingspan
  • Go full range of motion
  • Posture training
  • Physical Therapy
  • Work on the Shoulder Width
  • Do pull-ups
  • Exercise Before Sleep