How High Is a Basketball Hoop in Meters?


A basketball hoop is one of those things that hasn't changed since the origin of basketball in 1891. Many changes occurred throughout the years but basketball hoop height remains the same.


Basketball hoop height according to NBA should be 3.05m or 10 feet from the ground surface level towards the top.


Follow official rules of NBA  for basketball hoop height


This height was proposed so players can reach the ball in a dunk and not get injured during the process. The more or less height will be too much or too little.


Hoop Height for different age groups:

There are different rules for younger age group basketball players as compared to NBA athletes


For different ages the size of ball and basketball hoop height size is different :



The following table helps to identify a difference in basketball hoop height: (Source:

Age Basketball hoop height
7-8 years old 8ft or 2.04m
9-11 years old 9ft or 2.74m
12 years and onwards 10ft or 3.05m


Basketball hoop height is a standard set internationally and is being played on the same level on a global level.


In the recent past, this height level has been reached by more and more NBA players making it an achievable target for most players.


Vertical height along with long Arm length makes this hoop height achievable. An average NBA player is around 6 ft 6 with an average vertical leap of 28 inches.


With enough training, you can increase your vertical leap even if you're an average 5ft9inc tall.


Likes of Nate Robinson, Spud Webb, Will Bynum who despite their under 6ft height frame are able to dunk high.


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History of hoop height set:

James Naismith was the inventor of the game basketball, at that time was in progress of making an indoor game So, his students can play during cold winters.


Due to the limited physical abilities indoors he used a peach basket and a ball. 


The game was simply putting the ball into the basket from a distance. At that time he uses a stepladder to retrieve the ball from the basket as it has no open hole.


The basket was held high up to a distance so it can be reached with a step ladder which was 10 feet or 3.05 meters at that time and still remain the same.


A stepladder was able to reach 10feet high so the basketball hoop was at that 10 feet and hence the rule of basketball hoop height of 10 ft was originated



Efforts to increase Basketball hoop height further:


Dwight Howard a pro basketball player his proposal for rim height to 12 feet was rejected as reported on ESPN


He had reached 10 feet dunking height and wanted to increase the standard hoop vertical. 


But the majority of NBA players had 10 feet basketball hoop height enough for them so there was no cause for increasing it.


Gerald Green another pro basketball player has proposed to raise rim height to 13 feet also got rejected.


For now, it seems there is no increase in the basketball hoop height and will remain the same as 10 ft or 3.05m for a long time.


Some changes occurred instead of basketball hoop height:


Even there were efforts to change the basketball hoop height it was not achievable instead, there were changes in the basketball rim itself.


Open basket:

In 1912 the open basket was introduced making the basket open and eliminating the retrieval process bringing a change in the basketball industry.



The backboard of the basketball rim has strong tempered glass to prevent any breaks 


Breakaway RIM:

The RIM in 1976 was changed to a breakaway rim was considered the best development in a basketball game.


It has enabled players to be able to dunk and invent new techniques how to achieve a higher dunk. Breakaway rim prevents the rim from breaking by releasing the force inserted on it during a dunk


Instead of increasing basketball hoop height. The industry has focused on changing the rim making the game safer.