How to Get Better at Dribbling?


 Ways to get better at dribbling:

Dribbling in the basketball game is a fundamental skill. Dribble helps in passing, moving, dogging, and shooting the ball accurately.


This skill is learned through practice and it's the only way to get better on it. 


I will list some methods improving your dribble further:


  1. Practice ball with correct formation for dribbling
  2. Become aggressive and confident in your body language 
  3. Practice power dribbles
  4. Use less visual senses and more imagination
  5. Customize the dribbling practice according to your experience level
  6. Find your weakness always
  7. start with dribble at one point and then advance over
  8. Think your hands like Magneto with which basketball attract 
  9. Spread your finger far as long as your can comfortable to get a better grip focus on fingers of hands and not the palm side 
  10. You can use your whole hands for shorter hand people
  11. Keep your arm and hands position lower to handle the bounce-back of the ball effectively
  12. Switching from right to left hand make coordination strong
  13. Avoid bending of the back instead maintain posture
  14. Your thighs should be the endpoint of ball bounce
  15. Use your body as a hurdle between ball and defense
  16. Arms will help in keeping the ball in your side
  17. You can take the risk by throwing the ball right between the defense and then catch from another side
  18. Learn to dribble in scissor 


Become aware:

Having a good understanding of the game can make you dribble like a pro. Some players dribble too often without knowing what they are doing and just showing off the audience.

  • Dribbling low, make you control the ball effectively. 
  • Faster dribbles help to move the ball around the ground. 
  • Throw the ball forward like your chasing it around the basketball field.


Having knowledge of where are out of bounds lines helps you keep the ball in the favor of your team rather than opponent during a tight defense


Use Hand Grips:


Use full hand grip to control the ball don't just use fingers to dribble. If you have long hands then bless you it will prove beneficial in controlling the ball better. 


Hand grips mean to use both palm and finger to grip the ball tight using all fingers and thumb


Visualizing techniques:

Visualize in your mind how you take the ball through the field and dribble better. 


A study published Imagery effects on the performance of soccer players use images of players playing were shown for 6 weeks and results were increased response time and performance was seen in the imagery group rather than the controlled group


While you are in bed or thinking ideal make a scene in the mind Think of your mistakes and improve in your imagination of how you should be dribbling better.


Make plans and scenarios in your imagination it will increase dribble for the better


Make small increments:

Start small and then progress overload performance. Set a low goal after you have mastered that increase the difficulty level.


Start with learning to dribble lower than make small dribbles while running, utilizing advanced techniques.


Make simple dribble moves such as:

1) Cross through between legs

2) Cross the ball behind your body 

3) Mix the two




Warm-up before doing dribbles:

Warming up before doing any type of drills will definitely increase your performance levels


A study published in the British Journal of sports medicine suggests dynamic warmups help to improve performance.


Some warm-ups to do :

  1. Jump up and down by using toes to increase breathing and warmup
  2. Take the ball throw up and down and catch it through your fingers
  3. Do a small run 
  4. Make the ball and catch back and forth in between your hands



Be specific; Dribble or a ball-handler:

Dribbling and ball-handling are considered two different things. You should be specific in your goals about what you want to achieve dribble or ball handling.


Dribble helps you take the ball from one point of field to the goal baskets.


Difference between the two:

Ball handling is much more than just dribble. You have to make choices where to throw the ball, make great passes, fool the defense, and know a grip for great dunking.


Dribbling will help to gain short-term goals all the great players are more than just good dribblers they have more sense of the ball where to throw when to dribble and when not. 


Be specific and then make your routines to achieve that one particular objective.


Make a strategy:

You should have a pre-planned strategy while you get to a tight defense knowing what style of dribble will be able to break that make your game better.


Some strategies to pass a tight defense using dribbles:

  1. Have a backup team player standing against your position
  2. Keep fooling defense and make your away near 3 pointers 
  3. Make a Shot facing the defender because he will be in the position of the basket
  4. keep a safe distance or create one 
  5. You can make an out of bounds to escape defense
  6. Be confident in body language and don't lose your focus or feel intimidated by defence


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Fooling the defense:

Image taken from flickr by All-Pro Reels under license

Making false moves can help pass a tight defense and score a basket. An effective way is confusing the defense position and locking eyes with your opponent.



By making gaze eyes you can move past the defender position. The technique is to lock eyes and make a false move. 


For example, if you have an open to the right make a false dribble towards the left vice versa if you want to move left make a false move to the right.


Create a space:

Bring some space between you and the defender. If you find yourself between a tight defense create a space by going backward few steps and then rushing forward using false dribble technique.


Less dominant side:

Knowing which side of the defender is the weak spot will give an advantage. 


Figuring out if a defender is an either lefty or a right-hand dominant, you make moves towards the less dominant side. Combining these two works like a charm.


Summing up the technique: 

Image taken from Flickr by Erik Drost under license

The first way is figuring out the less dominant side, creating a space false dribble move towards dominant side make space and then rush towards less dominant way, scoring a basket.

Points covered:

  • Become aware
  • Use Proper Hand Grips
  • Visualizing techniques
  • Make small increments
  • Warm-up before doing dribbles
  • Be specific; Dribble or a ball-handler
  • Make a strategy
  • Fooling the defense