How to Practice Basketball Inside Your Home?


If you can't go to the gym, train outside because of the bad weather or pandemic it shouldn't stop you from Practising.

You may not be able to do high-intensity training but you can certainly set aside some of your time and accomplish the training that will "push" your body and improve basketball skills to the next level.

This exercise program seems simple to you at first, it does not require the use of any props, the exercises you will do are both intense and strenuous. 


We recommend that you do them in the morning, although you can do them during the day because it will help in stretching, strengthen your muscles and improve basketball skills. 


The good news is that you don't need a lot of space for this workout. Let's get started!


There are 3 types of training that you can do, and we will cover all of them

  • Technique training
  • Strength training
  • Endurance training


Technique training:


Improving shoot techniques

For a start, we need to bring the mechanics of the shoot to perfection, and to do that, we have to find out where the problem lies - whether it is in the hands, in throwing and holding the ball, or in the waist and legs.


If the upper part is not optimal, static exercises are needed - without the use of legs. Sit on the chair and shot with one hand in the air. 

Then while sitting on a chair and throw the ball with both hands above your head to get the ball to get an adequate rotation. 

Also, you can practice your shoot technique doing the same while laying on the ground or bed, from that angle it is best to see ball rotation. 

The point is that every shoot and every throw is the same. When the mechanics are at the desired level and when the same shoot is repeated a billion times it will be enough. 

Don't laugh, literally a billion times, and then after you throw the ball out, you know if it will go in the basket.


Improving hand-eye coordination:


Tennis Ball technique:

This drill will improve your hand-eye coordination and helps you to dribble with quickness and force.


You can do this drill by either seating or standing.


On one hand, take a basketball ball and start bouncing, at the same time take a tennis ball in the other hand and throw it off the wall or in the air and catch it. 


The type of exercise depends on your game weakness and the side you want to be stronger. If the drills becomes  too easy, try to bounce or catch a tennis ball with your weaker hand.


It will be hard but will help in improving accuracy and eye coordination during dunk from both hands to get better in basketball at your home.


Use one-hand or Two-hand technique:


This drill you can do everywhere in your home, stand up in a dribbling position and start bouncing the ball first with only one hand. Relax your hand, feel the ball and move it in all directions but only with one hand. After a few tries switch hands and do the same.


When you improve both hands individually it's time to combine them in different positions, for example through the legs, or add another ball and bring it to another level.


Make small increments and progress overload so you can get better over time


Strength training is very important and it will help significantly to improve basketball skills at home.


The development and strengthening of muscle provide safety from injuries. it is important that the player is healthy and he can work on his game without interruption.


Training at your home using your weights, and various devices, focusing on the diversity of movements can result in an injury if done wrong.


While doing strength you will actively improve speed, quickness, explosiveness, and even vertical leap.


Few drills and exercises to perform at home without getting injured:


 Pogo Jumps

For this exercise, you don’t need any equipment. Stand still with arms on your chest or next to the body and with heels slightly raised up and slowly start bouncing without bending knees. 


You can change your tempo and power . You should focus on firing up as quickly and explosively as you can. By doing this exercise you will improve vertical leap, quickness, and footwork.


Squat jumps

Squat jumps are similar to the exercise mentioned above 


The correct way to do the exercise is to take a half squat with hands on your head and jump. Land softly so you can go back to the starting position and jump again. 


You can do the same exercise with your arms raised and try to touch the ceiling.


Few other activities you can do for the strength training:

  • Push Up Variations
  • Hurdle Drill
  • Linear and Lateral Lunge Exercise


Endurance training

Fitness training is based on aerobic and anaerobic exercises that improve the absolute state of physical fitness of the athlete and his ability to do the best on the court, despite fatigue.


 A treadmill in winter and a track in the summer are the most basic ways to improve your fitness.


Before every training session warm-up, lightly. Always, but always warm-up before training. Raise your body's working temperature, feel your heartbeat, let your muscles and joints move. 


Warming up should not be too much effort, there is no need to lose strength right at the beginning, but you must feel that you have brought your body (and mind) into a state where you can put it to the effort.


Bear crawl:

This exercise affects absolutely every muscle in your body and also activates the core muscles, which will protect you from possible injuries.

 Also, this exercise improves the way you move and the connection between the left arm and the right leg and vice versa.


In the end, this exercise can be a great form of cardio training.


Push-ups will help you build upper body muscles: powerful breasts, strong and healthy shoulders, and an explosive core.


Salute Plank:

Traditional plank is a bit boring. So set yourself a new challenge and while one hand is in the position of a classic plank, put the other on your forehead as if to say goodbye (salute - greeting), and then change hands.

This hardcore hand move instantly increases the intensity of your core.

Improve your vertical jump by 10 , 15-inch  vertical jump and dunk training