8 Correct Ways to Clean a Basketball Jersey

A basketball jersey requires regular cleaning. Sweat, oil, blood, and ketchup marks get stuck up in the cloth which requires cleaning it at once.


Following are the correct ways to clean and keep your jersey in a good condition for a long time.



Wash Jersey shirt separately:

Wash your favorite basketball jersey in a separate washing cycle. Don't just put all the clothes on your newly owned jersey as it can get ruined by getting colored from other clothes.


Jersey has a lot of colorings and when mixed with other fabrics color gets picked up and gets even messier.


The solution is to clean it alone without any other shirt or clothing involved.

Flip your jersey:

It's best to flip the jersey upside down before getting it in the washing machine as all the sweat and bacterial accumulation are inside the cloth rather than outside.


Flipping also prevents color fading, majority of the detergent will work on the inside rather than outside. It's a good practice while washing jerseys and any other clothes.


Dry jersey in open Air:

Dry your jersey under the fan don't use washing dryers as the delicate fabrics can get tangled up. Threads on your shirt will start peeling off and it gets ruined.


The best solution is to dry your jersey clothing under the fan or outside in open air this will keep the life of the cloth intact and Jersey will still look new after many washing cycles.

Choose the correct Washing option:

Choosing the correct washing cycle function is also important. Use the delicate function of an automatic washing machine.


Many players just use the normal or quick function it's not a good idea because the jersey is made of delicate fabrics (Polyester) and the fabric is best cleaned when used for delicate functions according to my experience.

Make use of Stain Removers:

The most efficient way for cleaning hard stains on the shirts or jersey cloths is to use a stain remover. The ketchup, dirt, or bloodstains get stuck onto the jersey shirt and don't get easily washed out by detergents.


Efficient stain removers are available on amazon. You can buy it there for $10.


Another thing you can do is when ketchup or oil marks get stuck up on the jersey, you should get a water bottle to pour some water on the area, and use a towel cloth to wash it immediately before it gets any harder.

Use the instructions given :

Every jersey is made differently and has different labels on it. You must read the instructions given on the jersey shirt it should be around the collar.

Top 10 popular jerseys according to NBA.com

  1. LeBron James                     
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo      
  3. Kevin Durant
  4. Luka Doncic
  5. Jayson Tatum
  6. Devin Booker
  7. Stephen Curry
  8. Kyrie Irving
  9. James Harden
  10. Damian Lillard

These are the top 10 jerseys most sold and made from 100% polyester. Polyester is strictly washed separately as it quickly attaches to a cloth color.

Polyester is considered a delicate cloth and is used in the curtains and bedsheets. It's also cheap so jerseys are made from it.

It can be hand washed as well machine washed but avoid any type of dryer or heat dry 

Avoid ironing jersey:

Don't iron out your jersey instead put it on a hanger and hang it under a fan or out in the Sun this way it will dry out and becomes pressed all in one go.

Use cold water:


Always use cold water to wash the jersey as cold water is best said to maintain the color and size of the jersey while removing hard stain marks like blood and ketchup marks.


Keep the temperature around 30 degrees Celcius it will save you electricity as well as make the  jersey clean without damaging clothing material

Recapping the points:

  • Wash Jersey shirt separately
  • Flip your jersey
  • Dry jersey in a dryer
  • Choose the correct Washing cycle
  • Make use of Stain Removers
  • Use the instructions given 
  • Avoid ironing jersey
  • Use cold water

There are some other things you should keep in mind

  1. Using the instruction on washing jerseys is a smart choice 
  2. Different types of the jersey will have different instruction
  3. The majority of stains are removed in clod water
  4. You can scrub some of the stains with hand scratching
  5. Use a sports detergent as your skin oil is trapped around synthetic materials
  6. If your jersey as most are made through synthetic material it's hard to get rid of oil
  7. Getting it air will keep your jersey smelling good instead of shoving it down the cupboard or your gym bag
  8. If there are stains of ketchup and other hard stain pour some water immediately and clean it with a towel
  9. Bear in mind that uses soft water and not hard water. Hard water will make it hard to clean the clothing
  10. Use cold water to remove blood stains only
  11. No need to iron out the jersey instead use a hanger

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