10 Strategies Get past a Tight Defender in Basketball


Basketball is all about dodging the defense and scoring a basket but sometimes you get caught up in a corner feeling helpless. A tight defense will stop you from progressing in this sport.

I will share 10 strategies enabling you to overcome tight defense, scores a basket and impress your fellow players.


Use speed and direction:

Having quickness will  prevent you from being caught up in a tight defensive area. A defender will try to move you to their corner where you can easily be trapped.


Before that happen you have to find an exit strategy and move in that direction with speed. 


Speed difference:

This means if you move slowly towards one side the defender will try to lock that and you can change directions quickly and move to the open with momentum hence defeating the defense.


Other thing to do is already have a plan before catching the ball as soon as you got the ball rush towards the open without giving any chance for the team to block .


Quickness will the key to breaking any type of tight basketball defense positions


Creating confusion:

 Don't get pressurized by the tight defense instead confuse the other team as they can only guess which way you will move.


 One strategy you can do is to give false passes to the weaker side.


Blind spots:

Create a blind spot as your defense players will be looking strong on the basketball your job is to make a false move. Try to make a posture as if you are throwing the ball to the right.


Your defense will try to catch it and hence you will have the open to the left. 


If your defense is hard to fool you can always move in the path your throwing the ball and will get open in that direction easily

Stop impressing others:

Sometimes basketball players get caught too much trying to impress others their main goal to break a strong defense is to impress others rather than to win a basket.


Steve Nash a pro basketball coach has said himself about being overconfident in the game makes them vulnerable but being focused on the end goal makes their team undefeatable.


Trying to impress others will make you lose baskets even if you get caught out of defense so remain focused and find weak spots through which you can tackle your way out.

Make both hands dominant:

When doing dribble you should make both hands do the job and not just become righty or lefty. 


Giving one hand the advantage will give chance to your defense to take the ball back by targeting the weaker side further it will help you dribble much better and you can easily move the ball pass the defensive player.


LeBron James is one of those NBA stars who is both righty and lefty. He does most of his daily tasks with his left hand but plays basketball with his right hand. 


Seems confusing but he practice to make his right hand also work so he can get a better movement in the basketball by practicing hard you can also be righty and lefty.


To become the top athlete you should work on the weak link making it strong will make you better in any area of life, not just basketball

Body Positioning:

I think this is the most important part as your body will prove to be the best strategy to get the ball away from defensive players.


Keep your body like a wall between you and the defense instead of making the ball available for them.


Your body will work like a shield and give you time to find an opening while making the defense weak as they will be further from the ball giving you a chance to slide away.


Keep the arms or back towards the defense and look for an opportunity to move quickly towards the open point.

Observing defense players:

One strategy you can use is to look where the defensive team player is looking. Where their focus goes you can use that to your advantage.


For example, if you get the ball and then find yourself in between a strong defense observe where the other player's focus is whether they are looking towards you or the ball. 


If their focus is mainly on your body then make a false movement, with slow, fast speed fool the defense if they are focused with eye gaze on just the ball then make false dribble and get pass the defense


This is a great strategy if you use it right can help you get past a tight defensive position.

Maintaining good control:

Having a grip on the basketball is the most important thing you can do while tacking defense. If somehow you get anxious or confused, will lose the grip and hence the ball.


If you have a stronghold of the ball you can make moves remember you have the ball so cards are in your favor and you should feel strong.


The defense has to do the effort you just need to exhaust them and maintain a strong grip. This way you can do any type of dribble or false move.

Spin dribble move:

The best dribble you can do is the "Spinning dribble". By using the ball's momentum you can make the move while keeping your body in between the defender and the ball.


This is the safest dribble you can do while confusing the defender player about which way you are about to go.


Remember to have a strong grip on the ball whatever move you execute as long there is a grip you can change any move and dribble position.


Practice doing spin dribble this will make a great move to pass defence

Take advantage of defense movements:


See where the defender is about to go or try to false move them by giving an opening then spin dribble your way out.


If the defender wants to grab the ball then make them grab by moving towards them then when you get close spin dribble and move right past them.


Their momentum will work against them as they try to approach you they will move in one direction usually backward while you can use the ball's momentum to either spin dribble or move right through them and way out


The defensive player will be moving backward which will be a disadvantage from their body movement while you are in a forward motion can tackle them good.

Dribble between defender legs:

This dribble should be done with caution as you can lose the ball but if you can't find an opening all you can look for is the defender's open leg.


Most of the time defense will have to move backward and in order to maintain a good balance, they have to take a wide stance.

You can find an opening between their legs and dribble the ball right through their legs but be sure that you have master dribbling first. 

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Summarizing All:

  • Use speed and direction
  • Creating confusion
  • Stop impressing others
  • Make both hands dominant
  • Body Positioning
  • Observing defense players
  • Maintaining good control
  • Spin dribble move
  • Take advantage of defense movements
  • Dribble between defender's legs