Basketball Players Do Shave Their Legs - 6 Reasons Why

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Shaving and waxing are common things in sports. Many players are more like stars and they have sponsors' money spent on them.

When it comes to basketball NBA players do shave their legs. Just look at the legs of Michael Jordon, Stephen curry, Labron James, and more. They have facial hairs and sometimes chest hair but more often legs are shaven off.


Reasons basketball Players shave their legs:


1. Looks and Hygiene:

Shaved legs make a good shiny look and it keeps the muscles more prominent. Just imagine a bushy hairy leg on camera. Watching a major league and favorite sport's star doesn’t look good for the audience.


Basketball talent are tall players and the legs are the most exposed part So, shaving them makes it more presentable to a national audience



Shaved legs just need less maintenance and look tidy even not shower. Players can put lotion on their legs and it gets directly absorbed through the exposed skin.

It prevents infection and other bacterial fungus so, shaved legs are good for hygienic purposes.


Well display muscle definition 

A good clean muscle definition is acquired through shaving. Stars like tom cruise, and Chris Hemsworth all have shaved chest and leg to get a good clean muscle definition.


Legs muscles are the most exposed area in basketball shorts it's a good choice to shave.

2. Learning from Swimmers Technique:

**Borrowing Tips from Swimming**

Surprisingly, a hint from the swimming world has influenced basketball players, encouraging some to adopt leg shaving. 

Taking a page from swimmers aiming to streamline their movement in water, basketball players embracing this practice believe it brings a similar efficiency to their on-court actions, 

bridging the gap between two seemingly unrelated athletic spheres.

3. Creating a Visual Show for Fans:

**Grooming as On-Court Theater**

In an era where basketball is as much about entertainment as it is about competition, 

leg shaving has transformed into a conscious choice for players looking to create a visual show. 

Beyond displaying athleticism, smooth legs contribute to a distinctive on-court presence, leaving a lasting image in the minds of fans and adding a dash of dramatic flair to the game.

4. Post-Game Rituals for Recovery and Relaxation:

**Shaving for Post-Game Tranquility**

For players immersed in the physical intensity of the game, leg shaving becomes more than just a grooming routine; it becomes a post-game ritual. 

The careful process serves as a transition from the high-energy chaos of the court to the focused calm of recovery. 

This ritualistic act becomes a moment of reflection and relaxation, contributing to the mental recovery crucial for consistent peak performance.

5. Looking Cool In Basketball Clothes:

**The Body as a Fashion Canvas**

In the modern landscape where basketball fashion is as important as the final score, 

leg shaving becomes a fundamental element for players wanting to express their style. 

Viewing their bodies as canvases, players leverage smooth legs as a canvas to showcase both their athleticism 

and a thoughtfully curated image that aligns with the latest trends in basketball fashion.

6. Symbol of Winners:

**Shaved Legs as a Symbol of Success**

For some players, leg shaving goes beyond routine; it transforms into a symbolic celebration of achievements. 

Whether it's a game-changing performance, a championship victory, or a personal milestone,

the deliberate act of shaving becomes a tangible celebration—a physical marking of success onto their being, 

intertwining personal triumphs with the very essence of their physicality.

Interview about shaving in basketball from top NBA players:

LeBron James:

Interviewer:  LeBron, there's been a noticeable trend among NBA players opting to shave their legs. Can you share your insights and thoughts on this grooming practice?


Absolutely, it's an interesting topic. You know, grooming is a personal thing. For me, it's about that feeling of freshness and, I don't know, maybe a bit of aerodynamics? [laughs] Seriously though, we're constantly in the public eye, and everyone's got their unique way of presenting themselves. If shaving helps a player feel good and confident, why not embrace it? It's all about personal comfort, and as athletes, we all have our rituals that make us feel ready to hit the court.

Stephen Curry:

Interviewer:  Stephen, the conversation around leg shaving in the NBA has gained attention. Can you share your perspective on this growing trend?


It's a funny thing, isn't it? [laughs] Honestly, I think it comes down to personal expression. I haven't joined the shaved legs club myself, but you never know what the future holds. If it makes someone feel more comfortable, whether on the court or off, I say go for it. Basketball is not just about the game; it's about the culture, the individuality players bring to it. So, if shaving is part of that individual expression, then that's cool.

Diana Taurasi (WNBA):

Interviewer:   Diana, the topic of leg shaving isn't limited to the men's game; it's prevalent in the WNBA as well. What are your thoughts on this practice?


Absolutely, it's not exclusive to the guys. We all have our routines, right? And if that routine involves shaving legs, so be it. It's about feeling good in your own skin, and everyone's different. Plus, I won't lie, it makes those compression sleeves go on a lot smoother [laughs]. Whatever helps players feel at their best and perform at their peak, I think, is fair game. It's about embracing individuality within the team dynamic and creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves.

7. Rehabilitation and Injury Management:

The intricate world of leg shaving in basketball reveals itself as a multifaceted strategy, delving into the realm of rehabilitation and injury management, where each nuance plays a pivotal role.

Optimizing Post-Game Recovery:

In the labyrinth of grooming choices, leg shaving goes beyond aesthetics to act as a practical facilitator for post-game recovery. 

The smooth, hair-free surface serves as an optimal canvas for the application of ice packs and therapeutic wraps, streamlining the treatment of muscle strains and injuries. 

This nuanced approach elevates the act beyond a mere grooming ritual, positioning it as a strategic element in the player's holistic recovery process.

Precision Monitoring of Injuries:

The absence of hair takes on a functional role in this context, offering a clearer and unobstructed view of the skin. 

This heightened visual clarity becomes a valuable tool for medical staff, enabling the precise monitoring of injuries. 

The shaved surface facilitates an in-depth assessment of the player's skin condition, allowing medical professionals to tailor rehabilitation programs 

with a level of accuracy that transcends mere grooming aesthetics.

8. Cultural Influences within Teams:

Within the mosaic of team dynamics, grooming practices, particularly leg shaving, emerge as indispensable components that contribute to a profound sense of camaraderie and identity within the collective.

Cultivating Team Unity:

The cultural significance of leg shaving extends beyond individual preferences, 

morphing into a shared tradition that fosters a deep sense of unity and belonging among players. 

This shared grooming ritual becomes more than a surface-level choice; it transforms into a binding agent, creating rituals that strengthen team dynamics and create a unique team identity. In the intricate dance of team culture, 

leg shaving becomes a unifying thread that weaves players into a cohesive unit.

Creating Collective Identity:

The influence of leg shaving, as a cultural practice, transcends the boundaries of the court. 

It becomes emblematic of a collective identity that reinforces team unity. 

Beyond the individual act, the shared grooming rituals create a narrative that goes beyond the physical realm, defining a shared sense of purpose and identity among team members. 

In this way, leg shaving becomes a cultural artifact within the broader tapestry of basketball team dynamics.

9. Endorsement and Sponsorships :

Within the realm of high-stakes endorsements and sponsorships, the decision to shave legs unfurls as a complex interplay between personal autonomy and external pressures, revealing the intricacies of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of sports marketing.

Navigating Marketable Image:

The high-profile world of professional basketball demands a delicate balance between personal preferences and the marketable image expected by sponsors. 

The decision to shave legs, among other grooming practices, becomes a strategic choice that extends beyond the individual athlete. 

It aligns with contractual agreements, serving as a visual component that enhances the player's visibility within the broader context of sports marketing. 

This intersection of personal choice and external expectations unveils a sophisticated dance in the realm of athlete-brand relationships.

10. Impact of Player Role and Position:

In the chessboard of player dynamics, the impact of a player's role and position on the court becomes a pivotal influence on grooming choices. 

Here, the decision to shave legs is a nuanced response to the strategic elements associated with different positions, 

painting a detailed picture of how grooming aligns with the demands of the game.

Strategic Grooming Considerations:

Delving into the strategic nuances, the decision to shave legs is not a one-size-fits-all choice. Guards, 

relying on speed and agility may perceive the streamlined effect as contributing to their on-court movement. 

In contrast, centers, emphasizing physicality, might have different grooming considerations. 

This strategic interplay adds layers to grooming decisions, reflecting a conscious alignment with the demands of specific positions. 

The grooming canvas becomes a reflection of the player's role and playing style, 

showcasing how each decision is intertwined with the intricacies of their on-court responsibilities.

11. Psychological Boost and Rituals:

Zooming into the psychology of grooming, the act of leg shaving transforms into a ritualistic process with profound psychological implications, 

intertwining the tactile benefits with a symbolic act of preparation and focus.

Symbolic Act of Preparation:

The deliberate nature of leg shaving takes on a symbolic significance 

beyond the physical act. It establishes a mental link between grooming and the upcoming challenges on the court, transforming into a form of mental preparation. 

This ritualistic connection becomes a psychological tool, contributing to heightened readiness for the physical and mental demands of the game. 

In the realm of player psychology, leg shaving becomes more than a grooming choice; 

it evolves into a ritual that anchors players in a state of focused readiness, creating a bridge between the tangible and intangible aspects of performance.

12. Influence of Popular Culture:

In the era of constant connectivity and societal influence, 

the decision to shave legs becomes a reflection of how basketball players respond dynamically to contemporary expectations and celebrity trends within popular culture.

Subjects and Shapers of Culture:

Basketball players, existing at the intersection of sports and entertainment, become not just subjects but active shapers of culture. 

The adoption of grooming practices, such as leg shaving, is a dynamic response to broader societal trends.

It positions players as cultural influencers, ensuring they remain relevant within the evolving narrative of sports culture. 

This influence extends beyond the court, creating a symbiotic relationship between athletes and the broader cultural landscape.

13. Educational and Team Resources:

In the backstage dynamics of basketball, the role of educational and team resources in grooming decisions becomes pivotal, 

with team trainers and medical staff serving as authoritative figures guiding players toward choices rooted in both health and performance.

Guidance Beyond Personal Preference:

The decisions players make about grooming practices are not isolated choices; 

they are informed by guidance from team trainers and medical staff. 

Recommendations for leg shaving extend beyond personal aesthetics to encompass considerations such as hygiene, injury prevention, and muscle recovery. 

Access to educational resources within teams equips players with insights that go beyond personal preference, 

ensuring grooming choices are rooted in a comprehensive understanding of their impact on both health and performance. 

The grooming canvas becomes a collaborative effort, where players, supported by expert guidance, 

make choices that contribute to their overall well-being and optimal athletic performance.

14. Mind-Body Connection:

Sensory Awareness and Focus:

Delving into the intricate realm of the mind-body connection, the decision to shave legs extends beyond a mere grooming choice. 

The tactile experience of smooth skin becomes a gateway to heightened sensory awareness, enabling players to immerse themselves in the nuances of movement and responses during a game. 

This deliberate act of shaving contributes not only to physical aesthetics but also cultivates a state of mindfulness on the court, 

where the texture of the skin becomes a silent partner in the player's dance with the game.

Psychosomatic Performance Boost:

Unraveling the psychological intricacies, leg shaving becomes more than a grooming routine; 

it transforms into a psychosomatic performance boost. 

The sleekness of shaved legs triggers a cascade of psychosomatic responses, where the player's mental perception of physical advantage becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

This phenomenon sheds light on the subtle yet powerful interplay between the mind's influence and the perceived edge that leg shaving imparts, 

creating a unique synergy between mental readiness and on-court performance.

15. Rituals and Pre-Game Preparation:

Personalized Pre-Game Routines:

Within the tapestry of pre-game rituals, leg shaving emerges as a personalized cornerstone. 

Far beyond the surface act, players engage in this grooming practice with a deliberate intent—to craft a personalized pre-game routine. 

Each stroke of the razor becomes a ritualistic step, creating a mental bridge between preparation and performance. 

This intentional grooming ritual transcends the physical, contributing to the player's mental readiness 

and setting the stage for optimal performance on the court.

Spiritual Symbolism:

Unveiling a layer of deeper significance, the act of leg shaving takes on spiritual symbolism within the realm of pre-game rituals. 

Beyond the physical act, shaving becomes a form of cleansing or preparation on a profound, symbolic level. 

Players, each with their unique beliefs and superstitions, infuse spirituality into their grooming choices, 

forging a connection between the physical and the metaphysical as they step onto the court.

16. Environmental Awareness:

Reducing Environmental Impact:

Zooming out to the broader environmental canvas, the choice to shave legs aligns with sustainability considerations. 

Basketball players, as influencers on and off the court, may adopt a minimalist grooming approach to reduce their environmental footprint. 

This intentional shift represents a conscious choice to minimize the use of grooming products, embodying a commitment to environmental stewardship within the context of professional sports.

Naturalistic Connection:

Beyond grooming norms, the decision to forgo traditional practices becomes a statement of naturalistic connection. 

Players embracing their natural state challenge societal expectations, aligning with a burgeoning movement that questions conventional grooming standards in professional sports. 

The deliberate act of eschewing traditional norms reflects a desire for authenticity, 

creating a space where the genuine self takes precedence over societal expectations within the dynamic world of basketball.

Breaking Beauty Standards:

Shaving legs within the basketball arena can extend beyond personal choice to become a form of social advocacy. 

Players may deliberately challenge conventional beauty standards, especially those perpetuated by the sports industry, 

contributing to a broader conversation about inclusivity, diverse representations of athletes, and the acceptance of various grooming practices.

Empowering Individual Expression:

Within the realm of professional basketball, the decision to shave legs becomes a means of empowering individual expression. 

Players, as influential figures, use grooming choices as a form of self-expression, contributing to a cultural shift where athletes are celebrated for their authenticity, both on and off the court.

17. Psychological Recovery Rituals:

Post-Game Mental Reset:

The act of leg shaving might extend into the realm of psychological recovery rituals. 

Beyond its physical benefits, the process becomes a post-game mental reset, allowing players to unwind, reflect, and transition from the intensity of the game to a state of relaxation. 

The intentional nature of this ritual adds a therapeutic dimension to the grooming practice.

Creating Mental Compartments:

Shaving legs after a game serves as a way for players to create mental compartments—designated spaces for reflection and decompression. 

The deliberate act becomes a bridge between the intensity of the court and the moments of personal downtime, 

showcasing the intricate ways in which grooming rituals contribute to the holistic well-being of players.

18. Grooming as a Team-Building Exercise:

Collaborative Grooming Sessions:

Leg shaving within a basketball team can evolve into a unique team-building exercise. 

Players may engage in collaborative grooming sessions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity. 

This shared experience becomes a bonding moment, transcending the individualistic nature of grooming to strengthen the interpersonal connections within the team.

Fostering Team Trust:

In the shared space of a grooming ritual, trust among teammates is cultivated. 

The vulnerability of engaging in grooming practices together fosters a sense of trust, breaking down barriers and contributing to a cohesive team dynamic. 

This unique perspective showcases how grooming extends beyond the individual to become a collective team-building endeavor.

19. Historical and Cultural Influences:

Tracing Grooming Traditions:

Exploring the historical context of leg shaving unveils grooming traditions that may have roots in cultural practices. 

Players, knowingly or unknowingly, may carry forward leg-shaving customs influenced by historical grooming norms, 

adding a layer of cultural continuity to this seemingly modern practice.

Cultural Symbolism in Grooming:

The act of shaving legs can hold cultural symbolism, acting as a visual representation of cultural values or norms. 

The intentional choice to align with or deviate from these cultural symbols becomes a statement, reflecting the complex interplay between personal identity, 

cultural heritage, and the evolving landscape of professional basketball.

Let's ask Players:

Kevin Durant:

Interviewer:  "Kevin, there's been some talk about NBA players shaving their legs. Any thoughts on that?"

Kevin Durant: 

"It's an interesting phenomenon, no doubt. In the NBA, you see a range of grooming habits, and leg shaving is one of them. Personally, I've never adopted that trend. For me, it's not about the legs; it's about the grind and the work I put in on the court. Every player has their own routine and rituals, and if shaving helps some guys mentally or physically, then that's their prerogative. I prefer to channel my focus into my game, fine-tuning my skills, and contributing to the team's success. Basketball is diverse, both in playing styles and personal preferences, and that's what makes it such a dynamic sport."

Giannis Antetokounmpo:


"Giannis, fans are curious about the trend of shaving legs among NBA players. Any insights from your perspective?"

Giannis Antetokounmpo: 

"Ah, the leg shaving thing! Yeah, you see it around, but it's not my jam. I'm all about the game, the effort on the court, and the pursuit of excellence. Shaving legs is a personal choice, and I've chosen not to incorporate it into my routine. Every player has their rituals and methods for preparation, and mine revolves more around my training and mental focus. It's fascinating how the basketball world is a mix of traditions, superstitions, and individuality. I respect the diversity of approaches among players; it's what makes our league so unique."

Kawhi Leonard:

Interviewer: "Kawhi, we've seen a few players embracing the trend of shaving their legs. Any thoughts on that?"

Kawhi Leonard: 

"Leg shaving, yeah, it's out there. But it's not something I've bought into. I'm about putting in the work, staying locked in on the game. If it works for some guys, great. We're all wired differently. For me, the focus is on playing my best and contributing to my team's success. The game demands a lot mentally and physically, and my preparation is centered around meeting those demands head-on. As for grooming trends, it's just one of those things that adds a bit of spice to the diverse tapestry of the NBA."

Damian Lillard:


"Damian, there's been some buzz about NBA players shaving their legs. Any insights on that?"

Damian Lillard: 

"Yeah, it's definitely a thing for some guys. Personally, I've never really gotten into it. Everyone has their pre-game rituals, and leg shaving just isn't part of mine. I'm more focused on the mental side of the game, getting in the zone, and preparing to lead my team. Different players have different routines, and that's what makes our league so interesting. While some might find certain grooming practices beneficial, I find my rhythm in a different way. It's all about what works for you and helps you perform at your best on the court."

Other Reasons:

20. Prevent Infections:

When legs are shaved it's easier to put disinfectant on them. A study published about Infection and hair removals suggests using a Clipper makes less likelihood of infections rather than using a razor.


If you are looking to shave legs best is to use a clipper. 


Bandage removals:

Less hair on the legs will help easily put bandages on and off. Basketball is a competitive sport and injuries are common hair legs will make it hard to keep a bandage on and off due to hair getting tangled around.

21. Manscaping:

There is a trend out there called manscaping and men are grooming themselves more by shaving or even waxing hair from chest, legs, and armpits.


Shaving legs hair is also due to cultural reasons as there are many cosmetic products for men also. In past women were the main focus of the cosmetic industry but as time goes on male grooming concept also came to light.


Manscaping originated and it has compelled athletes, stars, and actors who are role models to a larger audience even basketball sports athletes to groom better and shave their legs, armpit, and chest hairs.

22. Avoiding skin disease :


A study on Infectious Disease in Contact Sports has written there are a lot of infectious diseases including herpes, bacterial skin infections, head lice, etc in contact sports which also include basketball.


These diseases are transmitted from one player to the other during contact with the skin hence proper cleaning and hygiene are necessary for athletes to be given by care providers. 


Those that look after the health of basketball players make them shave legs and armpits hair to prevent the accumulation of bacteria due to sweating and continuous contact with other basketball players

23. Lowering blood lactate Levels :


A study published in The Journal of swimming research concludes reduction of blood lactate levels in shaved legs and armpits swimmers was significant compared to non shaved swimmers athletes by 28% and 23% percent.


According to this research, athletes do shave legs in order to reduce blood lactate levels and this is also followed in basketball sports.


It might give basketball athletes a competitive advantage in the game as the lower level of lactate helps the athlete in the improvement of stamina and muscles get less tired.

24. Aerodynamic advantage :


Shaved legs give aerodynamic advantages to an athlete. These help them to perform better.


A study conducted by Chester Kyle indicates a 7% reduction in drag caused by air. Drag is formed when we move or run opposing the airflow.


Drag slows us down with friction while shaved legs result in 7% frictionless which is not that much but in competitive sport every inch counts.


Basketball players get this advantage and can help them become a faster players combined with less lactose accumulation as compared to an athlete with hairy legs.

Safest way basketball athletes can shave their legs:

As discussed previously using a Razor-blade can cause infection especially if your skin is light and sensitive.

Using a razor blade direct will cause infection and can injure your legs

The following steps will guide you to safely shave your leg and armpit hair.


  1. Trim down hair using a hair clipper so the remaining hair is small and should be easily shaven off.
  2. Warm water, not too much, or it can cause burn, wash your legs with warm water. This helps the hair to be easily shaven off.
  3. Now apply shaving cream to prevent infection through cuts or scratches.
  4. Now shave off using a good-quality Razorblade.
  5. After the legs are shaven off wash them thoroughly with regular water.
  6. For safety, you can apply anti-infective skin cream (Such as Polyfax® ) To prevent skin infection afterward.

Sometimes there are scratches left by the blade which can make bacteria penetrate through skin pores and cause infection So, anti-infective skin cream will definitely be an effective way to control that.

Final thoughts:

Don't make this a win-or-lose situation and blame your poor game on shaved legs. This is not a right or wrong thing. Many athletes are sports stars with advertisers paying them money to look good.


These NBA sports stars have to make their appearance look a certain way So, more sponsors can put their pictures on the front of magazine covers and in advertisements.


Mainly shaving of legs, chest, and armpits hair is done for appearance purposes rather than getting a competitive advantage or any sort of winning strategy.


If you lack skills in the game you must improve on that and work on making good dunks, defense, or shooting accurately. These will determine a pro player afterward you can work on the appearance part to make more sponsor money.

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Recapping all points:

Reasons basketball shave their legs:

  • Looks and Hygiene
  • Prevent Infections
  • Manscaping
  • Avoiding skin disease
  • Lowering blood lactate Levels
  • Aerodynamic advantage
  • Safest way basketball athletes can shave their legs