Why Basketball Is Better than Football?


Basketball is better than football in terms of ease of playing, space required, and physical toughness.

Here we are talking about football considering American Football (NFL) and not soccer.


Basketball is loved by many all around the world not just US as compared to football. Football is a tough sport than basketball as it requires more physical strength compared to basketball.


Following are some aspects through which we compare basketball and football:


  1. More popular than football internationally
  2. More skills less equipment compared to football
  3. Based more on skill and both gender can demonstrate as compared to basketball where strong defensive male players are required
  4. Easier to get good at as compared to football
  5. Football is tougher than basketball and requires more hard work dedication
  6. There is more aggression in football compared to basketball
  7. Should have a clear gameplan before going in the field
  8. Time play in football is more than basketball 
  9. Could change at any moment winning team can become losing and losing can become winning in the fourth quarter (Easier to comeback)
  10. Have more paths after basketball career compared to football
  11. Basketball players are faster while football players are strong
  12. End of the day its just preference




If we compare the origin of the game basketball was invented in 1891 while american football was formed way after that in 1920.


As basketball is an older game it is more popular among the new generation while football is more familiar with the current generation and more to come.


Less Space:

American Football requires a larger space as compared to basketball does.


According to NFL regulations, football grounds have maximum dimensions of 109x48meters 


While the basketball court has a dimension of 28.6x15.24



Due to less space required it can be played in the backyard indoors etc while to practice football you need a much open ground keeping it restrained from most locations.


Rough Conditions:

Basketball was originally formed to be played indoors. It was a game invented so students of James Naismith can practice a sport in cold winters.

Rough weather conditions do not hinder basketball two of the most popular NBA playing stadiums are:

  • Staples Center
  • Barclays Center

These are two of the popular NFL football stadiums

  • AT&T Stadium – Dallas Cowboys
  • U.S. Bank Stadium – Minnesota Vikings

Comparing the two basketball has less space and can weather does not seem to effect the game as compared to football which requires more space and open area making it vulnerable to change in weather


Long terms Injury :


In basketball, chances for long-term injury are much less compared to brutal football matches.


Basketball relies on shooting, dribbling, dunking, and tackling a defense. There are few chances of injured as the opponent is blocking you rather than tackling you.


Football is a hard game for tough individuals. The other team is head-on tackling you and there are lots of pushes and tackles while basketball lacks these.


The injury data for football given by NFL reports 374 concussions 142 ACL tears 256 MCL tears in the year 2021


If we compare basketball to football the Injury stats data basketball has little more injury than football 


but when we look at all the concussions in football long term sustained injuries are more as compared to basketball making it a sport for tough individuals


Confusion between football and soccer:

We all can relate confusing the game of soccer and football. Football was referred to as a general sport played by a ball and foot So, people assume it as the word suggests.


But NFL came and  America football was formed a game in which the ball is carried by hand from one side of yard to a touch down. So, the word soccer was used to differentiate between American football and football game played in other parts of the world.


A game that is already too confusing in the world can bring hindrance to becoming a global sport while basketball is much more recognized as one sport.


More recognized player:


Basketball players are more popular compared to football players. They have every armor on their body to protect with their face covered with helmets and bodies with artificial armor.


Football players we don't know the face and their body shape and have less connection with them as a fan while basketball players are more open in the crowd hands shaking, autographs, pictures.


These are much easier to recognize in the movies, or streets while football player is less recognized unless someone points them or tell their background story


Payday comparison:


Let's compare the payday between an NFL player and an NBA player.


Salaries of Top players likes of Stephen Curry , John wall , James Harden are earning $45,780,966 ,  $44,310,840 ,  $44,310,840  respectively


NFL players likes Aaron Rodgers, Christian McCaffrey has $42,000,000   , $22,337,274 respectively yearly 2022, 2020 . 


Furthermore, we can look at careers of basketball players are bright outside of basketball games like Micheal Jordon becoming a Hollywood starts, etc it adds up to their total net worth.


Football players have a lesser chance that if they overcome injuries there are lesser starts.


Types of players:


Types of players that can play football are much physically strong compared to basketball players. 


Football required you to have both speed and strong tackling power. Basketball requires speed and height. 


The bottom line is basketball has all to do with dunking and scoring a basketball. Taller people are much are dunk high no matter which technique you use.


In football, you have to have a speed and physically genetically gifted athlete to be able to make a career around.


Gender difference:


While you may agree or not but there is less female division in NFL sport as compared to basketball. It's a game that can be played and mastered by both males and females.


Football is a sport much tailored to the male side rather than the female and it's more watched by a male audience.



Game pressure difference:

Basketball player feels more game pressure as compared to football players.


As fans can recognize each player playing on the field the NBA players have lots of expectations as compared to football players.


While the game can be changed in the fourth quarter it's a tough play from the beginning. The opponent team can make a comeback in the 3rd or 4th quarter while losing the first two quarters.


One of the biggest comeback in NBA occurred during Celtics vs. Spurs

The Celtics scored 143 while the Spurs were 140 and remained tied during most of 4 the quarter. 


This is the type of pressure you had to face in basketball the game can be changed at any time and you build pressure on the opponent from mid-game.