How to Become a Professional Basketball Player?


Becoming a professional basketball player needs a lot of effort on your part. The age factor and skill are a difference-maker in who can go to NBA and be selected as a pro basketball player and which ones be rejected.


Draft pick:

You can make your way to NBA or pro basketball games through the draft pick. Fulfill the requirements to be selected. Lower teams had less chance in the draft lottery.


CBA ( NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement ) 

NBA enters players into draft through CBA (collective bargaining agreement )


Rules and regulations of CBA you must follow.


No player can enter the draft unless he has full fill the given requirement under CBA.


You must apply early and make your game strong enough during high school basketball year as your age will make your game effective for the teams



Age limit:

There is no maximum age limit to join the draft but the minimum is 19 years of age.



If you have passed your 4-year college you will automatically be eligible for NBA draft pick.


Another requirement to have passed high school and one year removed from the time graduated.


Weak Players:

Weak players are also welcomed to join the draft. It doesn't matter if you lack suitable 6ft height or some natural skills. You can be an essential part to balance the team.

Basketball is not only to dunk and jump high, strong defense passing the ball and shooting 3 pointers are also a winning factor.

You should be open to draft and should participate in the annual NBA draft pick.


Work on your health:

Health is the determining factor to become a pro basketball player and not just height alone. 


Height and weight are essential in maintaining a good BMI ratio. Start your training routines as early as possible and work on your strength training.


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Focusing on lower-body strength and compound training helps a lot.


Some compound training best for basketball athletes:

1) Bench press

2) squats 

3) Dead lifts

4) Front  squats 

5) Hip strengthening exercises


Team building :

Start to work in teams. Team working is essential in becoming a pro in sports. 


Try different Exercise to build team strengths:


Guiding team partner:

Make one of your players stand opposite to the basket and then two players facing the basket will guide the one to position itself so it can make a shot towards the basket while looking in the opposite direction.


Few baskets will be scored but each score will bring more coordination among the team.


Successful pass:

Practice as much to make a successful pass. Make your team practice as much passing as possible. The basketball game is not just scoring a basket successfully but passing the ball is essential. 


Make your player stand at 2 or 3 meters apart and make them pass each other more players participate the better will e results. 



A better approach to team building is understanding. Make the player introduce themselves share their personal stories and experiences with everyone.


Communication among the players will help establish harmony and friendships. 


Team-building takes time and effort but is also crucial towards the road for a pro basketball player


Become popular:


Becoming a pro basketball is to be selected in NBA official draft. To increase the likelihood of being selected is to keep the word out there. 


The more you are active and extroverted you will be in the eyes of major leagues and have a greater chance of being added to the teams.


Social media engagement:

Social media is the best tool to get the word out, majority of pro basketball and major promotions are on social media.


Make your account and do your tweets and share videos of you being played.


If you can get in the eyes of some major promotion and they like how you play you might win a contract. 



Use YouTube, make a channel and post your playing skills online. More subscribers will make your videos popular and more views help to get your name recognized.


Names like Michael Jordan, Stephen curry are popular not only because of their skills but their work outside of basketball games.


Be proactive:


Being accepted into a basketball or any other community will require efforts on your part. 


You want a contract on the NBA pro basketball team and so you should be the first to try to contact major leagues and basketball coaches and players. Don’t wait for anyone to approach you first .


Try to make your links and contacts while you are in high school years or in college.


Contacts will prove beneficial in getting accepted. You will find more guides through pro players who have already gone through all the hassles and struggles you are going through now.


Don't take rejection personally at this time your focus is to become prominent instead of worrying about rejections and failures.


Participate in tryouts:

Get your skills out by participating in tryouts and basketball leagues. This will help to improve the game and make you visible among other pro players and basketball league draft picks.


While joining basketball clubs in your college there will be ads of tryouts happening. Try to find which basketball leagues are getting tryouts for the public.


Being aware of your industry is one way to become a professional player.


Find a basketball tryout near you:

To join basketball tryouts search on the internet for the tryouts happening near you. Be careful of the scams and only join reputable Events


Find WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, or do a "basketball tryouts near you" search on google to find which events are happening now or are scheduled in the coming months.


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All Covered:

Become a Professional Basketball Player

  • Draft pick
  • Work on your health
  • Team building 
  • Become popular
  • Be proactive
  • Participate in tryouts