How to Dunk in a Month? 6 Ways and More


Dunking is a skill that can make you a great basketball player enabling you to score winning baskets. Dunking in a month's time is quite possible making sure you don't get your expectations too high.


If you are a complete beginner expert dunking might not be the correct mindset but you will definitely learn the basics.


Let's look at some interesting ways you can dunk in a month


Adopting proper training Routines:


Training muscles is an effective way to become a better dunker in a month's time. Muscles are responsible for your jumps. Stronger muscles will keep you on a path to achieving good dunks.


Bring explosive movements:


With rep, you should do an explosive movement this movement will train your muscles to respond better and helps you achieve higher jumps and dunks.


Research published in the Journal of sports science and medicine explains that explosive movement exercises like jump squats used with weights improve athletic performance including vertical jumps and dunks in a short time period.


Bringing explosive training movements into your current exercise routines will help you dunk in a month and might improve your current dunking progress. The more your muscles react better to the more there are chances for dunking higher.

Proper jumping posture:

A good jump posture is the fastest way to dunk in a month. I have written a post on how you can increase your vertical jump by 10 inches or more. There I explained how sports athletes like Christina Ronaldo and Micheal Jordon are able to increase their verticals by just changing posture in mid-air.


Posture adjustment is the sure way of increasing jumps and dunking better in a month's time


The best posture is to keep your back straight and your hands and legs back will make you dunk better

Watch the video on how players are able to dunk better by using correct postures.

Challenge your limits:

What I mean is you can make the rim high by more than 10 feet and practice to reach that level. It will teach your body to adjust its physiology and adapt to the stimuli given.


If there are no adjustable height rims available you can draw a line on a wall of more than 10 feet and try to reach that by jumping and maintaining a correct posture.


Learn how MJ (Micheal Jordon) an nba star was able to jump high and dunk because he practice and force his body to jump every day since age 13. 


If you let your body move and challenge your limitation your body will adjust and adapt to the new force exerted on it. 


Planning your month :

Make a schedule for the whole month. 1 week given to strength and explosive training routines 2nd week to correct posture training and third, fourth week to jump high maintaining a correct posture.




week  1       

 Strength and explosive training  ( Jump squats , polymeric etc)

week  2

 Correct Posture maintained

week  3

 Practice jump high

week  4

 Practice jump high



Keep in mind strength training, muscle building will take more than a month to develop muscles while correct postures and jumping high will make your dunk much quicker than that.


Your body will adapt quicker to postures and dunk higher rather than building new muscles through strength training.


If you divide your week with more posture and explosive jump movements rather than weights and strength training will improve your dunks in a month



Remaining consistent is also work to be done. You can have a perfect plan and a perfect routine but if there is no consistency then why would anything work.


Remaining consistent with any routine will bring you results even if it is not what you want but not remaining consistent will bring you nothing. 


Some winning mindsets from Michael Jordon to keep you consistent :


" If you quit once it becomes a habit. Never quit! " ~Micheal Jordon


"Champions do not become champions when they win an event, but in the hours, weeks, and months, and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely a demonstration of their championship character." ~Micheal Jordon

Keep Expectations Realistic:


You should think realistically it's obvious you might not become the greatest dunker in one month so keep that thought in mind. If you're just starting out practicing the basics we explained above is the correct path to take.


Start baby steps master the basic small skills first then 2nd and 3rd months you can go for more moves.


If you can just practice jumping correctly in one month's time then that is a win situation.


So, set a small goal in 1st month and do things step by step. Don't try to kill a fly with a sledgehammer. Everything will take the time you should give the time required otherwise it will do more harm than good.

Visit here to learn how to dunk better without repeating common training mistakes

Some more ways to get you closer to dunk in one month

  1. Set a recovery time after 1 month not in the period.
  2. Progressive increasing the intensity will help don't just take on one day plan before the month and do actions on the given month.
  3. If anything can prevent the one-month dunking goal is your mental block.
  4. You have to be quick in getting the basket.
  5. Having a good grip on basketball is crucial to being able to make a good dunk.
  6. To become good at dunking you need to practice jumping as much as you can try to reach the rim every day for 2 or 3 hours with breaks.
  7. Getting stronger in your lower body hips, quads hamstrings will make you dunk better.
  8. You need both strength and power meaning strong and quick energy will make you dunk high enough.
  9. Focus more on power than strength training.
  10. Muscle building is a slow process and will require more than 1 month to see results.
  11. Focusing more on power movements will help more in one-month strength training will help over time.
  12. Make your ankle flexible and do training to bend properly.